Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Today we took apart a computer.

We found a heat-sink with copper on it.

We found a battery INSIDE the computer.

At first we thought the battery helped us type when the computer was unplugged.

But we tried unplugging and the computer stopped.

What is the battery for then?


  1. The battery is for the watch that is appearing on the bottom right. If you shut your computer down, It will still keep track of the time and the date. The battery goes down in 6-7 years.

  2. Mr. Ross I researched with my mother and I wanted to share it with you.

    Earlier there were two types of materials, conductor and insulator. People found semiconductor, this can act as conductor or insulator. Using semiconductor we make transistor and we put millions of transistors into the chip (Brain of the computer). The technology to put million transistors into the chip is called CMOS.

  3. CMOS is a type of a semiconductor. A semiconductor is a chip in a computer which lets you run a computer faster without getting too hot. CMOS memory keeps the time, the date and the basic settings in a computer with a little amount of energy.

  4. What is CMOS?

    A CMOS is a memory chip. A CMOS can be discharged when the computer has been turned off for a long time.

  5. I think the battery's function is to run the system clock to keep track of the time.
    CMOS stands for Complimentary Metal Oxide Semi-conductor. This is the basic building block of the modern day Integrated Circuits ( Silicon Chip).


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