Friday, December 13, 2013

Thank You!

Dear 4R

I want to tell you all how impressed I am with your understandings around magnetism and electricity. I really feel that if you keep in mind what you have discovered, talked about, written about, and researched, you will all be well prepared for the science work you will do next year and beyond, wherever you are. 

If you have not received your rubric and video, don't worry. I will be sending them out over vacation.

Thank you for my lovely cards. I really like to read personal messages like that. It's good for my heart. Thank you also for the gifts I received. 

Lastly, have a happy Christmas break and take care of yourselves and your brothers and sisters please.

I send my love to you all and I look forward to even more amazing experiences of learning with you.

Mr. Ross

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hour Of Code Links


Remember, you can pause and review.

If you want to do more  at home, there is a large choice  HERE

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Aarushi: My blessing is having a roof over my head.
Aidan: My blessing is getting to travel around the world.
Jude: The best blessing is having S.E.W.
Jessica: My blessing is having a great, funny teacher. 
Jonathan: My blessing is being Mr. Ross’s student.
Navodit: My Blessing is riding in Mr. Ross’s Mustang.
Vishal: My best blessing is riding in Mr. Ross’s Car.
Yuki: My best blessing is during summer break I went to Japan. And in Japan, I went to Disneyland with my best church friend.
Joon: My blessing is getting to baseball every Saturday.
Ekagra: My blessing is getting paired up with Navodit for my summative.
Jeffer: My blessing is having friends that help me.

Ryan: My blessing is being very smart at math and science.