Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Using .edu and Reading Level Search on Google

Thanks to Mr. Kaiser we can search .edu and reading level in Advanced Search via the "Gear" 
  1. Conduct a traditional Google search for the desired topic
    • use keywords only
    • DO NOT use "And" - Google sees this as another word to search for
    • Connect ideas with the +. For example Water + Ice
    • Inline image 1
  2. Once you have your initial results (usually there are heaps), we need to head over to the Advanced Search, and get to the ones we really want.
    • Inline image 2
    • Inline image 3
  3. Once you have the Advanced Search open, try the following options to refine your search by Language (English), Site (.edu), and Reading Level
    • Inline image 4
    • Inline image 5
    • Inline image 6
    • Inline image 7
    • Inline image 8
  4. Now that your options have been selected, click the blue "Advanced Search" button, and notice the immediate difference in results.
  5. Best of all, the newly refined list of hits is sortable based on the level of reading difficulty.
    • Inline image 9
Want to learn more about Google Searches? Take a look at these two fantastic resource:
    How to Find Anything Online With Advanced Search Techniques
    by Bob Flisser

    How to solve impossible problems: Daniel Russell’s awesome Google search techniques
    by John Tedesco - featuring Daniel Russell, Google Research Scientist

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