Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dictatorship in 4R!

In our last unit we learned how to persuade in an essay.
Governments can persuade us using all mediums.

Creating Propaganda:

 Something that persuades people about the government. 

You have freedom to create! 
Work with anyone! 
Create Anything!
Use Anything! can ONLY BE ABOUT

The Great Leader is Good!
The class (4R) is THE BEST!
The Enemies are BAD!

Websites, songs, pictures, dances and constructions! 

Shen and Caleb should have created two verses so that Shen 
could be released from the work camp.

Sarah was released from the work camp because she had a strong message.

Elly and Trisha made a monument. Trisha was freed!

Anna is the official portrait provider 


Tanvi was freed!

Our Leader is Great!
by Shen

Image result for dictatorship

Long live our dictator!
He owns more acre!
He is awesome!
More than spring cherry blossom!
He rules our country!
And he makes it majestic!
We all need to protect him!
Cause, he is just too great!
If you don’t agree with me than you’ll  have a problem
Because if he didn’t take care of you then you’ll surely be in trouble.

Great Leader Is The BEST!

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