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  1. felt alive from the frog.

  2. Today is November 8tr.
    Today is Friday.
    Today is cloudy.
    Takahiro is Wearing a blue shirt.
    Woo Bin is Wearing a darkblue and yellow shirt.
    Mr Ross is Wearing a brown jaket a orange shirt.

  3. cat(The cat is hungry.)
    fish(The fish is small.)
    dog(I have a baby dog.)
    duck(They are big duck.)
    cup(This is a cup.)
    fork(I have a small fork.)
    fan(I have a big fan.)
    cake(The cake is good smell.)
    desk(I have a big desk.)
    comb(It is very good comb.)
    doll(It is cute doll.)
    fire(This fire is hot.)
    door(Please open the door.)
    foot(I have a long foot.)
    coat(This is a long coat.)
    car(It is toy car.)
    dice(The dice is rectangle.)
    five(I have a five shoes.)

  4. mouse;The mouse is a small.
    mask;I have a mask.
    match;This is a hat match.
    milk;This is a new milk.
    moon;The moon is big.
    mop;It is a long mop.
    pig;The pig is a hungry.
    pie;The pie is good smell.
    pin;I have a old pin.
    paint;The paint is red.
    pot;I have a pot.
    pear;I like pear.
    tag;I give a tag.
    towel;The towel is old.
    tent;The tant is a triangle.
    top;The top is small.
    turtle;The turtle is a slowly.
    toes;The toes is five.

  5. Turtle: The turtle moves slowly.
    Duck: This duck is delicious.
    Snake: The snake doesn’t have foot.
    Fox: This fox is hungry.
    Bird: The bird flies in the sky.
    Snail: This snail is slower.
    Grasshopper: The grasshopper cry at fall.
    Cat: This cat is cute.
    Mouse: The mouse is small. Mice: these mice.
    Pig: This pig eats many.
    Fish: The fish can’t flies.
    Whale: This whale is biggest in the sea.
    Sheep: The sheep is walk.
    Cow: The cow is full.

  6. Body
    Hand: I have two hand.
    Chin : I have a chin.
    Teeth: I have small teeth.
    Leg: Your legs are longer.
    Nose: I have a white nose.
    Feet: I have black feet.
    Shoe: My shoe is yellow.
    Jacket: I use the jacket.
    Glove: His gloves are cute.
    Mitten: This mitten is pretty.
    Hat: I want a black hat.
    Shirt: My shirt is big.
    Socks: I have two red socks.
    Vest: You vest is fun.
    Sweater: This is new sweater.


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