Mr. Ross

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Shane Ross and I am from Hamilton, New Zealand.

 Teaching and learning are what I love to do most. I have a Diploma of teaching (primary) and a Bachelor of Education. I have also started a Masters in TESOL.

I have been in Korea for around 10 years. In the picture below I am with my lovely daughter Jasmine Lee Ross.
I am looking forward to another great year here at GSIS. I am imaginative, caring, and passionate about education. As a teacher I too am always learning.

Our classroom is a positive environment where ideas and questions are valued as a way of growing our shared knowledge.


  1. Dear Mr Ross,
    It's me Jimin. Jasmine is as cute as ever! I remember when we first met and when we had to say goodbye. Those were two of the most important moments in my whole (educational) life. Truthfully, you were the best teacher I ever had. Being your student taught me so many new things. I have a new teacher now. Her name is Ms Donna. She is from England. Ms. Donna is kindhearted and caring. Although she has many good qualities I don't think anybody will replace you. Thanks fro being the best teacher in the world!

    With Lots of Love,
    Jimin Yoo

    P.S. My email is (Sorry, I know that phoenix is spelled wrong. When I was making my email I misspelled it.) Please email me your email if you have a chance. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jimin!

      You really made my day with your words of kindness. I am jealous of you by the way. I know you are eating far too much beef aren't you? I think you are lucky to experience another culture in Brazil too. You know that with your commitment, empathy, and work ethic you will be a success where ever you go. Keep in touch .

      Mr. Ross

    2. Dear Mr. Ross,
      I have eaten a lot of meat since I got here, but I still eat lots of Korean food here in Brazil too. My mom had a really hard time getting all the right ingredients to make all of the Korean food. I was so happy and excited when I was able to find your blog. I was practically ripping out my hair when I couldn't remember the website address. Did you know that I can speak a teeny tiny bit of Portuguese now? It's amazing how hard the language is. The adjectives are changed by gender. Muito means many but that is for boys. For girls, it is muita. I have to remember each verb and which ones are changed. I learned to appreciate the easiness of English. I hope that someday I can go back to Korea and maybe meet you again. Hope you have a good year!

      With lots of love,
      Jimin Yoo (Your best student in the world!!)

  2. Hello Mr.Ross I am exited to have another wonderful year


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